Sam Magnet started in 2002 as an Import Export Company. Since its inception it has traded in various commodities. Started with exports of Scientific Laboratory Equipment to Libya, Mobile Phones to UAE, Railway Wheels to Sri Lanka, LDPE to Pakistan, Diamond Laser Cutting Parts and Consumables to India, Baled LDPE to Pakistan. E46 from Germany & Netherlands.


We have experience of cutting and loading of Scrap Metal from Malta where we bought scarp, cut on site and loaded into containers for export. We had permit Issued by Malta Environment and Planning Authority. In 2010 Sam Magnet UK Ltd was setup to focus primarily in exports of Scrap. Since then we have successfully exported HMS 1&2 into India.


In 2013 a Plastic Bottles Sorting Plant was setup in Barking, East London just off A406. Initially we produced PET bottles, however due to drop in PET Bottles prices the business model had to be changed. We installed our first Titech and produced PET Bottles 80:20, HDPE Milk Bottles, HDPE Jazz Bottles and PP made up of Pots, Tubs and Tray and a very high grade of Aluminium Cans. All the material produced was sold in the UK to local reprocessors.


In 2017 due to Housing Development we had to mothball the plant with a view to setting up a much larger throughput capacity DMR or Plastics Sorting. Currently we export Scrap Metal in Small Vessels into Europe and Baled Plastics into Containers. We also buy and sell Plastic Granules and Regrind. Please visit our Material we Buy and Sell pages for detailed information.